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We conduct a functional movement screen to determine how well you move, and create a customized training plan unique to your needs and goals.

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1 session $155
12 sessions $1,700
25 sessions $3,425
40 sessions $5,375

Off-Peak Savings Program — 25 sessions
(Off-Peak hours are 2pm-5pm, 9pm & weekends)  

New Client Savings — 15 sessions
(For first time purchase only)

Private Training Sessions

Definitions is not a conventional gym. There are NO MEMBERSHIP or INITIATION fees. Instead we provide individual private training sessions. These personalized workouts allow for the most COVID-19 safe experience that is attuned to the needs of your body, mind and spirit.

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Definitions Policies

  • Definitions does not charge membership fees, so you only pay for the sessions you book.
  • Each private training session lasts approximately 55 minutes.
  • Definitions recommends no less than two workouts a week.
    (i.e. 40 workout sessions should be completed within 20 weeks of the purchase date.)
  • If a client discontinues training and fails to notify Definitions in writing of their absence, any workouts remaining on the client’s account will be forfeited six months from the date of the last workout.
  • Refunds are available for clients who relocate more than five miles from either location, for clients with a doctor’s note stating they can no longer train or within 72 hours of purchase; less any sessions used, plus a $450 cancellation fee.