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About Definitions Private Gyms

Definitions is a private gym with 2 locations —19 Union Sq West & 133 East 58th Street. Definitions is committed to your fitness, comfort, and state-of-mind. We adhere to COVID-19 safety measures and precautions by following and exceeding New York State and CDC Guidelines.

Established in 1983, our intimate, high quality gyms have always operated — coincidentally and conveniently — pandemic-ready. While both of our locations hold a Certificate of Occupancy for 50 people, our gyms have always (37+ years!) been committed to maintaining no more than 14 people (7 clients and 7 trainers) on the floor at one time. This allows each pair to train in no less than 800 square feet of gym floor space.

To limit the amount of contacts each trainer has, we have developed a unique scheduling algorithm limiting each trainer to under 15 clients a week.

By comparison, on a weekly basis other gyms, even at reduced capacity, trainers see a staggering number of sweaty individuals reaching beyond the hundreds.

Definitions clients enjoy access to private showers and dressing rooms, reserved locker space, and complimentary laundry and towel service.

Definitions Private Training Gyms has brand new Technogym cardio equipment and utilize UV light disinfection through our HVAC systems.

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